10 December 2008

Fixin' To Go

(Just as an aside...I'm a fan of the word "fixin." Very Southern sounding.) 

And speaking of the south, we are headed there Friday! First to the south of the UK (near London), then the south of the US - North Carolina (on Sunday)! And lastly, further south, to Grand Cayman (on Wednesday). Yes, the days we've awaited for several months now are finally upon us! 

So, Lord willing, the next time you hear from us won't be from Aberdeen. We ask for your prayers as we travel. We are both almost 100% (finally!) health-wise and would like to stay that way throughout the duration of our trip.

See y'all down south!

1 comment:

Ronnica said...

I like how you strung your wide-varying destinations into one term "south." I guess pretty much anywhere is south of Scotland!