31 January 2009

Ceilidh Fun!

Last night our church hosted a Ceilidh (pronounced "kay-lee") just to have fun and as an opportunity to get unbelievers interacting with believers on a non-threatening level (with the hopes that they'll be more likely to attend church or Bible study one day). I have to say that it is probably the most fun I have had at a church function in a very long time! (But that's not because other things are so boring, just that this was that fun!)
Where do I begin? I thought I would wake up more sore that I did from all the exercise received from all the active dancing (somewhat similar to square dancing). While my arms hurt some, I decided my stomach muscles hurt the most from all of the laughing I did at myself (and Mark)!! It was good fun and I wish you could have all been there (and not just so you could laugh at this white girl dancing)! Unfortunately, we never managed to have anyone capture us dancing but if we can get some from other people (and they are decent) we may let you have a peek another day.
There was a great turn-out for the event. Here is the last dance of the night after a number of people had already gone home.
I, of course, enjoyed making fun pics with my camera while people were in motion.

Don't let Mark fool you, he really is great with kids! This little guy was enthralled with all the action so we kept an eye on him while is parents were dancing. Can you see that wee kilt and homemade thick wool "jumper" he has on?! Precious! Often times Ceilidh's are formal events (like for a wedding reception) and traditional Scottish dress, like the kilt, is very typical. Some, not all men, had them on. Mark still refuses to even try one on. I think he'd be a stud in one!

Above you can see a few of the formations used while dancing. Below you'll see me with one of the Scottish ladies who is super sweet, as well as my friend, Mercy, from Kenya who is doing her Master's here in Divinity. She is also a sweet friend I'm enjoying getting to know better each week.

Below is a video I found on You Tube to help you get a better feel for what actually took place since I find it very hard to describe. The music is sort of quiet, but the moves were ones we were doing. Listen for the yells/hollers in the background. This was quite common as well.

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