06 January 2009

Would you Believe....

....MO and RO are on the GO again?

Probably you could believe it since we still have to make it back to Aberdeen. That day is almost here. It has been a fantastic 3 and a half week holiday! We feel refreshed and ready for what God has for us in 2009 as we continue to live in Scotland.

Tomorrow at 5:45pm we fly out of Charlotte, head for Philly, have a 1 hour and 10 minute layover (please pray for us and luggage to make it!), land in Gatwick at 9am UK time, transfer to Heathrow via coach, check in again, then around 2:30pm head toward our final airport - Aberdeen! It will no doubt be a long day and we would covet you prayers, especially that the short layover and ice/wintry mix that is being called for in Philly and maybe London/Aberdeen would not hinder all of our scheduled flights.

See you on the other side!


Mama Sweetie said...

I'll be praying that things go smoothly for you today in transit. Wish you had longer in Philly and we could visit.
Best to you,

The Green Family said...

Yay! We're glad you guys are finally headed back to Aberdeen! We've missed you!! :-) . . . Even though, Rachel, you are looking so nice & cozy warm in your short sleeve shirt. I hope you were able to soak in the beautiful sunshine before heading back here!