18 January 2009

Bits and Bobs

So it's been awhile since I've posted. Not much to report, really. Just trying to catch up with friends, get the house back in order after unpacking and being gone for so long, restock the cupboards/freezer (namely with my foods for quick meals), and enjoy being back in our own flat (not that we didn't enjoy being in our family's homes, but it's just not the same!).

Work's been a little unusual since I've been back because one co-worker has still been on holiday (hurray she's back tomorrow!) and another one took a job right before Christmas and she has yet to be replaced. I've been doing parts of these ladies' jobs and a little of my own. I'm quite shocked that the University seems to have it as their policy to never hire a replacement employee until the other one is long gone? WHAT?!! So much for training by the person who knows what the job is all about. So, needless to say, my other colleagues and I will continue sharing the work of our departed full-time office mate for another 4-6 weeks.

I haven't had the chance to take many photos since returning, though I do randomly photograph things here at home just because I like to see what fun I can have with what's around. However, yesterday I had fun taking maternity pics of a friend who agreed to be my model for a little while. Thanks, Kate! Here's one of my favorite shots from the day - isn't she cute? You can see two others if you click on the flickr photos to the right.
The past two Saturday's I've also started attending a 12 week lay (peer) counselor training course taught by a lady in our church. There are 9 of us being trained in some basic counseling techniques. The course is designed to prepare us to help volunteer staff a free (biblical) counseling center for women in the city. We are unsure when or if God will allow us to open a center, but we are excited about the possibilities of offering such a service to hurting women in the community. As far as I know there isn't really anything like this available here, and from what I've been told, mental health/counseling facilities through the NHS (National Health Service) is lacking. So this center potentially has the opportunity to show Christ's love in a practical, and hopefully, life-changing way.

And lastly, our pastor started a series today on Job -- the man who suffered greatly and ultimately still loved and trusted in God as his source of joy and comfort. Just hearing the intro to the book and the probing questions that will be dealt with both convicted me and made me excited to hear the rest of the series. I'd encourage you to download it to your iPod this week so you can take heart in the midst of daily trials. It will eventually be posted here but isn't there yet.

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