08 August 2008

Wanna Flycup?

I sure haven't been in the blogging mood this week. More like I haven't had time to be in the mood! Besides working extra hours it seems like we've had extra activities all week long. Same for next week. I asked Mark how it always seems that everything falls on the same 2 weeks? In any case, we haven't been bored lately! There is a nice buzz about our lives again. We can tell many folk are back from holiday and wanting to hang out, and at work we are gearing up for the start of the new academic year (though technically it doesn't start until Sept. 23). I kind of like the energy buzz...but it's also draining!

One of our activities this week was helping to clean out a church building our church has recently acquired down the road from our current building. Our current church building has limited space, so when the other church closed down it left a vacant building. Our church will now be occupying it for new/continuing ministries. One of those ministries is the yearly Holiday Bible Club (like VBS) that kicks off Monday. So yesterday was an all day work day for those able to join in. Mark went all day (and got very dusty!) and I joined in after work.

When I arrived I was told, by a sweet lady who (to me) epitomizes "Scottishness," they were about to have a "flycup." Mark was also there and she said, "Do you know what that is, because Mark doesn't?" I took a good guess based on the context of my surroundings (and Mark's tip off they were about to have tea time)--and I was right! It's a cup of tea "on the fly." The lady said that it came from the workers working in the factories who had to have a "flycup" while the bosses weren't looking. Anyone for a cup of tea?

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