28 August 2008

The Return of Two Friends!

This past week has brought the return of two "friends." I have missed them both and am glad to have them back in my life nearly daily.

The first "friend" is the school crossing guard I pass as I walk to work. He is the friendliest, smiliest (yes, that is a word in my vocab) Scottish chap! He almost always waves and greets me (and many others walking/driving to work) each day. Some days I see him on my return trip home too. I love when he says "lovely day we've got today." My favorite moment was the day he saw me bundled with my hood securely fastened against the wind, and my umbrella up. He proceeded to stick his palm face up to check for rain, as if to say, "it's not exactly raining at the moment, at least not enough for all that get-up" :) In my defense, it had just moments prior started drizzling and coming down harder. I was preparing for the worst, I guess! This crossing guard just amazes me that he can stand out in the Scottish weather for pretty much all of a school day and still smile at everyone who passes. Some days I'm scowling at the world before I'm even in the elements! I'm still working up the nerve to ask if I can take his picture. He is such a cute old man with silver hair, a long bright yellow crossing guard jacket, a black cap like a police man, and a very tan face. Wish you could meet my "friend" too!

The other "friend" to show his face this week was the crown on top of King's College Chapel. It's been under renovation since around March. The scaffolding has been coming down revealing the crown jewel of the campus once again! I love walking to work and seeing this "friend" looking down as I pass. What a joy that both of my friends have appeared again to greet me as I venture to work each morning! It's been a long summer.

(Thanks to Mark for the photo taken in the hallway near his office) :)

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