09 August 2008

The Goodness of 08-08-08

I'm not a believer in "lucky" days, but yesterday did bring some goodness.

1. My mind didn't have to be confused about how to write the date at work. It was 08-08-08 in American date style and British. I think there should be more days like that. I'm a fan!

2. The Olympics started. I am also a huge fan of the Olympics. Thanks to BBC's iplayer I was able to catch highlights of the opening ceremonies this afternoon. I am desperately trying to figure out how I can watch gymnastics and other favorite sports on-line. No success yet. I hope BBC comes through for me. Even if they do, I already miss seeing/hearing the typical US Olympic broadcasters.

3. Summer smells. Last night we were invited to a Beach BBQ. Ironically, there was no BBQ sauce :) It wasn't until I got covered in that smoke smell that comes with a cook out/bonfire that I realized I missed this summer rite of passage. It might have been the coldest BBQ I've been to. Especially in August. When we got home the computer said it was 50F. Brrrr.....good thing I expected that and dressed warmly! Others in our party, however, were crazy and thought they take a brief walk in the North Sea. Can't imagine how cold that was!

I leave you with one final photo. We tried to get one where we are both looking at the camera, but alas 11 attempts and 11 blinks on my part. No kidding. I'm the blinking queen. This photo was our compromise. Though at this point Mark thought he'd roll his eyes and look away. Ah well, we tried!

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