02 August 2008

Prayers for Friends

I was wondering if y'all might be willing to join us in praying for our friends, Dan and Casey Chappell? We knew Dan and Casey from Southeastern, the seminary we were at before coming here. Casey actually took our engagement photos (and wished we'd also had her do our wedding ones...but never mind why that didn't happen...poor planning on my part!) and used to cut my hair. We didn't see them often, but always enjoyed the time we did have with them.

A couple months ago they found out their unborn baby has Omphalocele with the possibilities of also having Trisomy or other defects. They're asking for as many people as are willing/able to join them in a day of prayer and fasting this Monday the 4th for healing for their child and all matters related to his/her health.

I'd encourage you to read the previous posts about their journey thus far as they seek to glorify God to medical personnel who have repeatedly asked them to compromise their belief that an unborn child is exactly that, a CHILD, not just a fetus. They have shared honestly about their thoughts/feelings in this faith journey and has already served as an encouragement to me many times. I hope it does the same for you.

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