19 July 2010

Philadelphia Recap

Thought I'd give you a quick Philadelphia recap in photos (what else would you expect by now?). My watermark accidentally ended up on some of these and I don't want to reimport them so I hope you don't mind!

While in Philly I stayed with my long-time friend, Lisa. We have been friends since 8th grade. It was great to see her again and catch up. We saw each other last year when she came to visit us in Aberdeen, but a lot has change since then -- she is now married! I was so sad that I had to miss their wedding in March so it was so fun seeing the pictures from the wedding and watching the video, and in general hearing wedding stories (like the horror one of having to buy a new wedding dress 2 weeks before the wedding). 

On Thursday Lisa and I went to the National Constitution Center. Her husband, Micah, knows someone who works there who was able to get us free tickets (a $20 value including the Ancient Rome & America exhibit) It was a great center and they gave a fabulous presentation about "We the People." Just a fun factoid - the constitution was signed on my birthday - a few years prior :)

They had a hall with statues of all the signers of the constitution. It was actually kinda freaky. I kept thinking they were real people. 

We both got to sign the visitors book that was in the form of how the constitution is. Yes! That's me - in a sleeveless shirt with shorts (I know, you've probably never seen that on this blog - forgive the whiteness). Y'all - it.was.hot! Actually, this day it had cooled down to about 93F instead of being 102F from the previous day! Lisa and Micah don't have central air in their flat (I kept calling it that - too hard to say apartment. Flat is soooo much easier!) and their little room units couldn't keep up so it was about 87F in their place on Wed.  Anyways, we were all thankful for the cool-down on Thursday and afterwards.

I loved how all the flags were hanging in the center of the center :)

And I was rather proud that I was able to find the Tennessee flag without looking at the name plate. 

A view of Independence Mall in Philly

I got to briefly stop by Love Park before heading to see my friend Becky. I had fun hanging out with her family, taking their photos and eating a delicious Rachel-friendly dinner.

After a very long day on Saturday of photographing the wedding Lisa picked me up from the reception. She asked if I was up for seeing Boathouse Row all lit up. Their place isn't far from it so I said sure. It made for some wonderful photos.

As we got out of the car to head in for the night I saw this serene little image. The photo hardly does it justice, but it was just a quaint view and one reason I love Philly. It was nice to be in a city and not see granite :)

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3 for Me! said...

sounds like a great trip:) fun to catch up with friends and some history lessons:)

btw... i prefer the term "flat", too (we were exposed in hungary).... maybe it will catch on over here... lol!