01 July 2010

Week 2+ of Re-entry

In many ways it seems like we've been here longer than two weeks and 2 days. Not sure why that is, but just how it feels to me at least. Thought I'd give you some highlights of the past week or so.

Last Wednesday I got to shoot my first photo session of the two most adorable girls. They go to my parents' church (now our church too!). Their mom told me about a fabulous public place that has tons of old barns and buildings. I'm in love and will definitely take future clients there for more photo ops. Check my photo blog for more photos in the next day or two.

Don't you just LOVE their Americana outfits?!

Thursday Mark and I drove nearly 3 hours east to Knoxville to meet up with some dear friends from Raleigh (who were visiting family in Knoxville). Mark and Travis used to be in a small guys group together. When the guys all got married (within about a year of each other) several of them kept meeting and just added their wives. We always enjoyed getting together with Travis and Julie (and Phil and MaryAnn) during that first year of marriage. It was great to see part of Tennessee while driving, as well as to go to the World's Fair Park in downtown Knoxville. But seeing T & J and their 4 blessings (meeting the youngest for the first time) again was a real joy!

***Sadly I just discovered that I accidentally deleted all those photos before downloading then on my computer, so you'll have to take my word for it that they are some cute kids and that Knoxville looks pretty cool from the Sunsphere.

Friday Mark spent the majority of the day car hunting and FINALLY FOUND ONE!!! Hurray and praise the Lord! It's a black 2001 Nissan Sentra that seems to be a decent little car with wonderful AC.

Our new little car as seen from our bedroom window.

Saturday was a big (and long) day for me. I shot my first wedding as an assistant to Sarah from Eyeris Photography. She was great and overall it was fairly low-key wedding, so a good one to get my feet wet with.

A quick shot I took before going to the balcony for the rest of the ceremony.

This is the brother and nephew of the bride. I kept finding myself drawn to the babies and children during the wedding - maybe a sign that that truly is my photographic passion. Or maybe just what I'm comfortable with at this point.

Monday I woke up with a summer cold passed on to me probably by my dear mother. I was thankful it skipped the sore throat stage and was mainly just annoying sniffles. And thankful it is basically already gone. Monday also marked the day we became official Tennesseans by obtaining our TN drivers licenses - FIVE forms of ID later, mind you. But, as proof that Tennesseans are hands down the friendliest folks I ever did meet, I had the best DMV experience I ever remember - and it only took 30 minutes!

Yesterday Mark and Dad took mental health days and spent the day fishing on a boat on the Caney Fork River. It is reported they caught tons of fish with 2 strippers weighing in around 20lbs, but Mom and I are dubious due to no photos yet being produced. They came home beat but contented (and hungry).

This morning I did editing, editing, editing, then spent part of the afternoon at the massive and incredible downtown Nashville library with my mom. I just wish we lived closer than 25 minutes from it. It was amazing! Mark has been back at reading, writing, reading, writing. Fun times.

So that's what we've been up to!


Christy said...

What a wonderful week! Your photos, as always, are beautiful! I'm glad you had a good DMV experience. It took us 2.5 hours when we had to change to TN licenses. =) But everyone was very friendly.

melissa said...

Hey--it's great to read your update. I'm so sorry that we missed your farewell party. It is not going to be the same without you here. I'll especially miss your thoughts/insights during the women's Bible studies. I feel like you have a gift for bringing balance to a discussion and always looked forward to what you had to say. Glad to see that all is going ok for you so far back in the States.

Stacey said...

Hey girl! Glad to know you've made it state-side & are adjusting to being here. Miss talking to you...let me know when we can catch up! - Stacey