28 May 2010

The Love Continues

I'm not sure how it has been over a week since I've last posted, but alas, the time is flying.

I had one main goal for today and I'm happy to say I somehow accomplished it.

But first, a brief recap of last night's fun. Vicki (see photo below), is an amazing dancer and was in The Wedding Singer last night (and the next two nights). It was a musical based off of the Adam Sandler movie by the same title. After dinner out with Gemma and Fiona, we headed to see Vicki. We all really enjoyed the show and just spending a little time together for my "leaving do." Sorry, I opted to leave the camera home, sorry no photos, you'll have to take my word, it was a nice night out.

Now back to today: So what was that one goal? Not to cry as I said goodbye to everyone at work. Not an easy feat, but somehow managed with only a slight mist in the eyes at one point. I had lay down the rules to the other girls in my immediate room:
Behind me: Fiona, Vicki, Gemma

1. No crying.
2. No looking me in the eye.
3. Jokes and laughter must abound.
4. No reading of cards.
5. Remember number one.

I was proud. They did well too! But I won't lie, as I got home and read the sweet cards I was given and looked again at the abundance of gifts I'd been given, the flood came. Mostly gratitude to my God for His graciousness in giving me this job. I remember praying a good deal before I moved here about my job. I prayed for one I would enjoy and not dislike. I knew it was going to be hard enough living overseas without having a job I despised to go to. God answered my prayers in big ways. Aside from the few odd days, I have rarely had that "I really dislike work" or "don't want to go to work" feeling. And it has made the world of difference. And I will never be the same for having had the chance to work in Student Recruitment and Admissions.

I don't think I could have worked with a more generous bunch! Check out a few of the things I was given.

See ewe Jimmy reusable "carrier" bag - love it! Painting by Thomas Joseph; Thistle key chain and thistle earrings and celtic pendant (see below). 

I was floored that the girls in my room got me this among other little things!! The Ness store is amazing. I enjoyed browsing the one last year in Edinburgh when my friend Lisa was visiting. 

The whole department chipped in and got me these thistle earrings.

And this (what I guess would be described as) Celtic necklace. Such sweet gifts to take home!

One of the cards was a watercolor painting of the Unicorn in King's (right outside of Mark's office).

As a special treat they ordered in some soldiers and a piper band just for me! Just kidding, of course. The real reason was this. (If you click the link, at least in the next day or two, there is a slideshow of other photos too.) Anyways, Fiona, Vicki, Gemma and I quickly ran across campus to see the end of the show. We missed most of it, but I still managed a few shots.

I liked their massive feathers. Gemma (who grew up in Wales) said it is a Welsh thing. 

As we were leaving and passing by the group of soldiers getting on their bus, Gemma (who is also known to be a bit crazy at times), bear-hugged me and drug me over to the soldiers saying, "She's moving back to America, can she have her photo taken with you." Not my favorite thing, but what was I to do?
The best part was right before the photo when their commanding officer told them to remove their bayonets from their guns first. I guess that was so I wouldn't get hurt :)

So there you have it, my last day of work in review. It was a good day and I even got a little work done before all the partying and goodbyes started. 

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I can't believe your done!!!!! Congrats!