16 May 2010

Golden Fields

Mark and I headed out yesterday morning for what possibly might have been our last Scottish adventure. I'm still hoping for one more final adventure, but am unsure where the time will come from to do so. Even yesterday's jaunt was a bit of a stretch. So this might have been it. If so, it was a phenomenal day to end our exploring of Scotland on. The sky was a deep blue, the sun bright, the clouds white and puffy, the grass a glorious green, and the fields a golden yellow. Just see for yourself.

I had forgotten the rapeseed would be in bloom across the hills so it was an unexpected treat as we headed to St. Andrew's. Hopefully I'll get a chance to blog some more about our time there. If not, you'll just have to trust me it was a wonderful quick trip out of the city on a rare gem of a day.


Siân said...

That rape seed makes me sneeze and sneeze! It's looks like you had a lovely day.

Jonathan and Noella said...

Ah, so that is what it is called. We have a few fields of rapeseed here too, and have been wondering what it was. Now I know, thanks to you! Enjoy your final weeks in Scotland.

Margaret said...

Thank you and Mark for stopping by our home while you were in town. We really appreciated you taking time out of your day to meet us and give us some information about the school and life there. I hope your transition back to the US is a good one!