14 May 2010

One Month and Counting!

Hard to believe that today marks one month until we leave! It's on June 14th bright and early that we'll make our journey back to the U.S. Sadly, goodbyes are already beginning. Last week I said goodbye to a co-worker who was leaving for maternity leave. This week I said goodbye to two more who will be on holiday and overseas work trips and won't return before my last day of work. I'm not really looking forward to another 4 weeks of goodbyes.

One of the ladies, Wilma, that I said goodbye to this week is also one of the women that has enjoyed teaching me doric. The past few months, especially after I say, "huh?" occasionally to something she says, has said she should get me a doric dictionary so I can attempt to better understand her. So this week when she gave me a gift I was pleasantly surprised to find these inside the gift bag:

Though, she herself admitted, she really should have given me these when I first started working. Nonetheless, it was a rather special gift from her which will always allow me the chance to remember a few of the things I learned during our time here.

I was surprised to find that the bottom book in the photo above, "Doric - Alive and Kickin" was also signed by the author. I had to show you the funny woman on the front. She reminds me a lot of Princess Fiona, Shrek's wife. Once I read the book I'll have to let you know why she looks so scary.
Speaking of reading....after attempting to read the first paragraph I quickly concluded it was a VERY good idea that Wilma had also included the dictionary. See for yourself.
I just wish the books came with a CD of pronunciations. Or a CD of someone (preferably one of the women I work with) reading the book so I can forever remember the accent and pronunciations. Perhaps one of the other women in my office would like to give that to me as a going away present.

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