01 June 2010

Eight Years and Counting!

So hard to believe that 8 years ago Mark and I tied the knot! It seems like ages ago and yet there are so many happy memories that don't seem so far away.  I so wish we had photos here I could look through. Or our video. I've already told Mark I want to watch at least some of it when we get back.  It's been awhile since we've seen it.

Lucerne Lake - I dream of going back here some day!

But I have to admit, my thoughts have probably been more focused on our anniversary last year that started in Zurich and ended in a quaint village outside Freiburg, Germany.  Those were happy memories too (except for Zurich - that place tested our sanity and our marriage but the below sunset made it worth it!). As crazy as our own Amazing Race adventures were those few days, I would love to relive them. But, since that's impossible, I did take a trip down memory lane via viewing the gazillions of photos I took. If these few photos aren't enough for you, click the link above and you can see many more as you look through the four parts of our amazing race posts.

Lake Zurich

The Lord's been so good to us these 8 years! I never would have guessed some of the things that we've been through and yet I wouldn't really want to change a thing. All things have come by God's grace and for His glory and I'm just thankful to have gone through it with my Mark. I can't wait for the new things God has in store for us as we head into another 8+8+8+8+8!

From our walk through the village and some fields after our dinner at our B&B in Germany the night of our anniversary last year.


Mamama said...

Beautiful photos and I hope you had a fabulous anniversary!!

Becky said...

Happy Anniversary!