13 July 2009

Seen in Scotland

Since it has been awhile since we've shared any fun Scottish signs I thought I'd post some that we found while on our trip. For those wanting to see previous posts with signs, go here and here. They both have links to other photos as well.

Sadly, one sign is missing that I saw just on Friday morning at 4:50am after dropping my parents off at the airport. It was written on a similar sign as the "Frustration Can Cause Accidents" sign previously posted (and which we saw multiple times while driving this trip). But this sign said "Tiredness Can Kill." Kinda funny to see that at 4:50am after getting to bed late. I'm pretty sure that some coffee company should use that as their slogan. Maybe I should market that along with some photos and see if I have any takers :)

This one we saw the first time we were at Balmoral in Nov. '07, but I never got a shot of it. I just like the little squirrel. Not too funny, but documenting the red squirrels that they have around some parts of Scotland that, I think, are endangered so they don't want you running them over.
Found this at The Heather Centre near Aviemore. It (the Heather Centre) was not quite what we expected, but still enjoyable. We liked the picture going with the words.
Also at the Heather Centre. Note the last sentence. We thought that was cute.

This one is just funny. Perhaps offensive, but funny nonetheless. If you are ever in the UK and want to rent a minivan/camper, go to wickedcampers.co.uk and you too can "hire" this van :) Saw this at the Highland Games in Glengarry.
Just another favorite stick figure showing the action. Urquhart Castle....well, really the car park wall that drops way off down to the castle.
Ditto with this one. "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!" St. Andrew's University near the Divinity School.
And this just might now be my favorite sign. I found it months ago on the way to a friend's flat here in Aberdeen, but finally took my camera to go photograph it. Really? While I wait?! Is there any other kind of dentist? Just wondering. Cuz if there is, I want to know about it. I hate waiting for my "dental repairs."

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