22 July 2009

Urgent Prayer Needed!

Would you all pray with us about my Grandma (Mom's mom)? For the past couple of weeks she has been having various heart related issues, and has been in out of the doctors/hospital for the past week. Today they did a heart cath and have determined her arteries are very blocked. She has been experiencing chest pains since that time and her blood pressure has dropped. They are currently trying to stabilize her with the hopes of doing open heart surgery tomorrow if she is strong enough. Please pray to that end.

Thankfully my mother is there in Missouri with my grandma, my grandma's husband and her 3 sisters. Pray for all of them as they support my grandma during this time. And obviously, please pray for my peace of mind as I am painfully feeling the distance of being an ocean and and half the US away. I will try to update with other requests as I know them.

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Allison said...

Will be praying for you and your family. I know it is difficult to be so far away.