13 August 2009

Mish Mash

I've sure been a blogger slacker lately. Not for lack of things to write about because I have had several posts floating around in my head for the past couple of weeks. More just lack of motivation combined with busyness to actually write those posts. Leave it to some photos to get me back in the blogosphere. 

But before those photos, a few updates. Work has gotten busier as it is again Clearing time. Last week I worked 6 days and nearly my double usual hours, which isn't bad considering I was just around full-time hours and many of my co-workers were doing way more hours than that. This week isn't so bad, but next week will be manic so I'm resting up now in preparation. 

I've also been busy communicating with some new American/Canadian students that will be arriving to start studying a similar program as Mark. My friends and I have put together some welcome packets for them again this year. It will be exciting to welcome them in to our community.

Mark's been plugging away as usual, with a slight extra determination to try to finish this marathon up within the year (not 2009 year, I mean school year). Your continued prayers as he presses on are appreciated.  He's also gearing up for college football to start again with a close eye to what the season might bring for his Bulldogs.

The weather has been warmer and sunnier again. I am thankful this summer has seemed warmer on the whole, with definitely warmer weeks/days than last summer. It has felt slightly more like summer this time around. Maybe it is a combination of being more adapted and the weather more cooperative.

Without further ado, here are today's fun photos. I had to pick our car up today (after a week of repairs - bleh. We were thankful for a loaner car from the garage). Where we take it is in the country outside of the city about 10 miles. I always take my camera along when I go out that way - just in case. Turns out today that was a good idea. Last week when I dropped the car off I saw some hairy coos near the car place. Today I saw them again on my way there and noted where I could park to get out and take some shots. Despite the cows having moved from being close to the fence (where I saw them on the way there). And despite the fact that I had to walk on the edge of large ditch next to a barbed-wire fence (that I had to keep reminding myself I could not grab if I started to fall), I think I still got some cute shots. I was rather enamored with the adorable baby coos!

He kept picking this clod of dirt/weeds (hopefully not poo!) up and tossing it like it was a toy. Very cute!
This little baby was sleeping, then his mom went over and started licking him. Again very cute. Then the little guy thought maybe he'd get up. He posed like this for a little bit. Mommy kept her eye on me :)
At first I thought he couldn't even walk yet.

Apparently the mom was getting a little tired of being photographed.

But, then little buddy got up and posed quite nicely. If you look closely you'll see he's even saying "cheese."


thegranitecity.wordpress.com said...

Those are some cute cows. I always want one, but Brannan always says no. Guess that's good because those are some major horns on the adult cows.

Jennie said...

Hey Rachel!!

I haven't been on your blog in a while, but I was thinking about you this afternoon (I was talking to someone about to tour Scotland AND Ireland), so I decided to check up on ya'll! Your photography is absolutely amazing... some of the best I have ever seen- and I don't say that lightly!! WOW!! I'm totally impressed! What kind of camera do you use? I know that it's your talent, and not just the camera, but I need all the help I can get!

Keep posting the amazing pics... I love it!

Jennie Harrell

Mama Em said...

That's hilarious!!!!! Where did you find these guys?

(sorry you're so busy, but what a great way to build up vacation hours!)