19 August 2009

All That Racket

For over a year now, the building across the street has been undergoing renovations. When Mark first talked to someone about it way back when he said it would take a long time to make the property into flats (it was once an old medical practice). He wasn't kidding. The weirdest thing is that I think at least 3 (maybe 4 now) various people seemed to have been in charge over there from time to time. And yes, it is hard not to spy on them and notice everything since it is the only thing I can see out of my kitchen window so while I'm bored out of my mind washing dishes or preparing food, I watch :)

First there was one man who did most everything on his own. We affectionately called him "Warrior Man" because well, he did it all and he drove a Nissan Warrior truck. Then came the 3 older gentlemen who did some hard manual labor and made me think one of them would go into cardiac arrest, especially because they smoked a lot too. Then no one did anything for months. I thought maybe it was because it was winter - cold and dark with no electricity. But even when spring came no one showed up. Until one day new people started working on it with a vengeance. It underwent quick transformation for a period of time. Like one day I looked and said "is that a new window?" That was the same day it got a new entrance. The next day I looked again, another new window (see two boarded windows on either side of the real window). You might also notice the hole in the roof covered with blue plastic. That's been there a good month. This week someone finally worked on it again. I wondered if the downpour we had the other day prompted that action. It's not done yet, though.

So after all this progress, then there was nothing. Until this new guy (let's call him Bob) shows up and started causing tons of racket for the past week. He loves him some jackhammer. Me, not so much. All I know is Saturday morning at about 8:30am that thing started and ruined my nice quiet Saturday morning plans. Yesterday I could finally tell what he was doing.

He dug way down and then laid some tube or pipe down, so it must be for water or electric. I was so excited that he was almost done....until today he started on the main entrance door. I need to have a talk with Bob because his racket and my dislike for loud, continuous noises (especially for hours on end) are not mixing well. Makes me wonder if he's deaf.

Here's the truck Bob puts all kinda of junk in to cart away.

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