04 August 2009

Check One Complete

Hard to believe that Mark and I are thinking we may be down to a our final 12 months here! It's not for certain yet and in reality there may be more like 16 months. In any case, we're starting a "things-to-do-before-leaving-Aberdeen/UK" list. Top of the list (well, MY list) was seeing the roses in full bloom at the massive rose gardens in Hazelhead Park. I actually really wanted to take my parents to see this when they were here, but we were always doing too many other things. I guess they'll have to enjoy it via photos.

Here are some photos showing the overall picture of how big these two gardens are. To see some of the more artistic/fun ones, go here.


Mama Em said...

Those are beautiful!

melissa said...

Yay! One down on your to-do list! The pictures on your photography website are just beautiful.