22 February 2009

Photo Booth Fun - At Home!

I've been wanting to get an updated photo of us for awhile but haven't done it yet. This is in part so you can see my bangs, but also so you can see Mark's gotee! Just when you think you know a man, he decides he's going to do something wild and crazy like grow facial hair. I actually like it a lot more than I thought I might.

So today's surprisingly few extra minutes before we had to leave for church afforded an opportunity to snap a few photos to show you the new MO and RO. I felt like we were in a photo booth at the mall, except I had the remote control and knew when the picture would snap. Poor Mark was such a trooper through it all, especially for one who dislikes having his picture taken! (Sorry about the yucky coloring....)


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the fringe... looks good Rachel!

Mama Em said...

Those are really cute! I especially love the last one. :)

Kate E. said...

You guys are cute. The middle one is my favorite.