22 November 2007

A Very Happy Thanksgiving Indeed!

As if one big blessing wasn't enough, the Lord decided to give two! Yesterday afternoon Mark got the internet up and running at home!! :) HURRAY! Very, very nice to have it. We are using a borrowed router for now, but I'm just grateful it works!

We immediately put the new internet capabilities to work by looking for plane tickets for my parents to come for Christmas. We have all been discussing the possibility of them coming and they decided they'd like to do that if they could find a reasonably priced plane ticket. Most of what we found were too expensive, but there was one website with what looked like cheap tickets so I passed the info on to Mom and Dad and went to bed.

This morning I checked my e-mail around 8am and found a message entitled "Merry Christmas." I was very confused (still asleep, I guess) because I was like, don't they know it's Thanksgiving today, not Christmas? There was something attached to the brief message and it turns out it was their plane reservations arriving the night of Christmas! I was thrilled! I know for sure they love us because they will be traveling Christmas Eve and Christmas day to come to see us during the shortest (darkest) days you can possibly come to Scotland. Thanks Mom and Dad! Can't wait to see you!

It was a good thing I was smiling from ear to ear because the walk to work was MISERABLE! Those of you who went to Cedarville will remember the horizontal rain. Think 7 degree temps (just kidding, that's Celsius, so 43ishF) and 30 mph winds....so I am surprised that I and my umbrella made it in one piece to work today! I had the umbrella in front of me and I kept having to peek around it to make sure I wasn't going to run into anyone. I arrived with very wet pants and cold legs but managed to dry/thaw out before leaving a few hours later. I was sooo glad it wasn't raining any more on my way home, though it was still windy.

Mark's coming home a little early tonight to help me get our placed cleaned up for our friends to come over tonight. I am excited to make the pumpkin pie and might even attempt a pecan pie for me too :)

We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful for each of you and your friendship to us. We are so blessed to have such great family and friends supporting us during this time. We love you!

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Ronnica said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Okay, I know it is no longer Thanksgiving there, but Thanksgiving is an American holiday and it is still Thanskgiving in America. Sounds like it turned out alright, except for the cold/wet weather. I'm at home in Kansas right now, and it's freezing! We might get snow too, when I'm supposed to fly out. Oops.