13 September 2007

We are in our Flat!

This has to be quick today because we may lose internet connection at any time. We are in the process of getting ours hooked up, but it may take a week, so bare with us!

Tuesday night about 8pm we finally got to move into our flat!! Praise the Lord! We were homeless from about 10am (when we checked out of our B & B) until we moved in here. We didn't even know if we would be able to move in until about 4 hours before it actually happened. That was a hard day!

We are doing pretty well and will be in touch as we are able.


JAH said...

YAY! Welcome to your new home sweet home! I'm sure you're unpacking will be a breeze. Love and miss you.

~Jared, Helen, & Nathan

Greg said...

Yo Mo and Ro,
Glad to hear things are going good. We are reading the blog and enjoy keeping up with you all through it. Also, thanks for the grill. I have been firing wings up on it on Saturdays to enjoy my football experience to a greater degree. Sorry Mark about the Dawgs, I understand, I'm a Hokie fan. The campus looks awesome and it is good to hear that things are going well. We miss you guys and will continue to read.