19 September 2007

God's Faithfulness!

Birthdays are a good time to reflect on God’s faithfulness throughout the past year and throughout one’s life. And since Monday was my 29th birthday, I guess I have recently been thinking about God’s faithfulness to me (and Mark). In church on Sunday we heard a sermon from Genesis 7. This chapter describes the flood and God’s plan to save Noah and his family, thus demonstrating His faithfulness to His plan to bring Christ to future generations. We sang a beautiful song with the words “What a faithful God have I.” Oh how true!! We have a very faithful God indeed! To imprint the idea of God’s faithfulness further on my heart and mind, I woke up on my birthday to a rainbow (see the picture taken from our front window 4 stories up)! God has been faithful to His people for generations and generations. He has been faithful to me for the past 29 years, is faithful to me today, and will be faithful tomorrow. Will you praise God with us as we reflect on His faithfulness to us the past week or so?

1. We enjoyed the church we visited on Sunday and were refreshed by God’s word. We could see ourselves attending this church and are excited to have the possibility of a good church to attend.
2. On Sunday we met other students at church in the same PhD program Mark is in.
3. We were able to get a checking account set up on Monday. We were also able to get a credit card because of Mark’s British passport. This can take a couple of years for non-citizens and was an unexpected blessing.
4. I felt good on my birthday (one of my birthday wishes) :)
5. I got to make new friends Monday night at a meeting of other PhD wives (another birthday wish!)
6. Our neighbor, Lynne, is a believer and has been ever so helpful in answering our many questions. We aren’t sure what we would do without her!
7. We were able to get into our flat quickly compared to other students and we are enjoying being here very much.
8. We have warm clothes and waterproof coats to protect us from the elements!
9. We have found many things we needed for our flat at reasonable prices in shops nearby.
10. We are greatly enjoying the company of one another during this time.
11. I have found food to eat and have felt better the past 5 days or so.
12. I have a loving and caring husband who takes great care of me!
13. We are healthy enough to walk around the city, sometimes several miles a day.
14. We have very supporting family and friends who have encouraged us during this time of transition.
15. We found out yesterday afternoon that Mark is able to pay the “home tuition” for his studies! The cost of school will be about half of what it would have been! This is a major answer to prayer and we praise God for this blessing.

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JAH said...

Happy Birthday, dear friend! Praising God for His goodness to you!