09 September 2007

Friendly Faces

Yesterday afternoon and evening we had a great treat! Heather and Gena (who work in another city about 3 hours from us) came to visit us and also brought us a few items for our new flat. We know them from Southeastern and our time there. Mark and I both decided seeing familiar faces, fellowshipping and laughing was just what we needed after a long week. It was nice to have our mind off of moving stuff for awhile and catch up with them. It was a real blessing because they had a car, so we got to see some different parts of the city we hadn't seen yet, like the coast. We enjoyed a delicious dinner outside and I didn't have many problems. They also took us to a health food store where I was able to see what was available for my diet and purchase a few things I needed. What a joy to find pretty much all I need at that store :) God is good!

We ended the evening with a stroll through City Centre and a fierce game of Spades. We are sorry
to report that we lost but not by very much!

Today has been a challenging day but we are confident our Lord is still in control. We found out through e-mail, right after out last post, that we have been approved to lease the flat! Bringing references from our previous land-lords, bank, and employers helped greatly. This was a huge answer to prayer. Unfortunately, the landlord is having a hard time getting the current tenant to move out quickly. I think we have finally settled on us moving in on Tuesday night. Not ideal, but still better than later in the week. We are learning perseverance during this time of waiting. May God be glorified because we haven't heard of anyone getting into a flat within a week of their landing here. Thanks for remembering us during this time. Miss you all!

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Allison said...

Hey Yall!!
We are glad you've gotten there safe and finally found a flat! Can't wait to see pictures. We are praying for yall! love, The Omondis