08 September 2010

Wedding Photos

For those of you who want to see 376 worth of wedding photos that I took in July, click on the photo below and it should take you to see the gallery. You can then use the arrow keys to scroll through. Or, close the pop up window and start from the beginning and watch the slideshow. All are good options if you have time :) However, for those of you wanting just one more photo, the below was one of my top favorites for artistic/photojournalistic quality. Not sure exactly what it is, but I love it!

I should make one disclaimer and give credit to my second shooter, Bob Yang. Bob knew the bride from church and was an excellent help that day. I so appreciate his willingness to photograph with me! You will see some of his lovely photos too, though, I'd like to think you won't necessarily know which ones.

1 comment:

The Green Family said...

I just looked at all 376 wedding pictures and all I can say is "Wow, Rachel!!" You continue to impress me. You are becoming quite the photographer. I only wish I could be there to force my children on you for some more practice. ;-)