25 September 2010


In the time that I have been pursuing photography, I have printed out very few of my photos. Partially due to cost, partially due to knowing I'd just have to move them.

So this birthday I thought I'd splurge a little and took some birthday money from my generous mother-in-law (thanks Darlene!) and purchased one of my favorite Scotland photos on canvas board. I really want to go all out and get a larger size, but I decided on 11x16 because it is small enough to move around until the day we finally settle and it didn't require any cropping.

Remember this day?

I went back and forth about which print to have made, but finally settled on this one (though, this photo hardly does it justice!):

Can I just say I'm in love!!

It looks just like a painting (if you click on the picture, you can see the canvas detail) and makes me smile every time I see it. We just need to get it matted, framed, and then hung one of these days. I love the vibrant colors and reminder of dear Dunnottar and the memories of spending time there with Mark and others who came to visit.

I also got a print of this dahlia I took in front of the house this summer and framed it.  I was planning to sell it but am pretty much in love with this one too so might have to keep it for myself :)

It has truly been satisfying to finally see some of my work printed in a way that I envisioned as I took the photos.  I look forward to seeing more printed!


Siân said...

I love the flower picture...

Mark and Rachel said...

Thanks, Sian! Hope you guys are settling into life with a new little one :)

The Green Family said...

Gorgeous, Rachel!