19 February 2010

Of Sun, Snow and Randomness

The closer we get to a probable departure for returning permanently to the U.S. the more I see things around me I will miss here. So in an effort to never forget, I'm trying to capture them on the camera (how else?!). Here's a first photo installment of something I love and will miss when we are gone:

Dark skies, with a sunrise peaking through lighting up the granite and chimneys to an amazing golden color and a seagull quietly taking it all in too. (I didn't even edit it so you can see it just as I did!)
Doesn't it just take your breath away?! It actually didn't last long. Those mean clouds swallowed up my sun, but at least for a few moments (and now forever) I was able to enjoy the brilliance of an Aberdeen morning as the sun made its journey upwards.

Sometimes when you can't beat the snow (and this winter it doesn't seem we can), you just have to put on your wellies, grab your camera and go join it. As I was walking in the door after work (when we got 1-2 inches of snow in the span of an hour!) I saw (heard?) the bright red berries begging to be photographed in the snow. I particularly liked how our neighbor's bright red door added extra cheer.

Yesterday I had company from my high view of the world. It was a bit odd to look out and see 4 men at eye level with me. At least, though, our eyes didn't meet and I don't think they noticed my ninja photography skills. I give you, the ladder people....

My personal fav is the man chatting it up whilst hanging out the open window. These slaters (roofers who "roof" using slates), were putting in new skylights to the building across the street. I really wish they'd hurry up and finish their renovations. But, it seems they will be with us for some time still. The other part of the building they were working on last summer/fall has finally been occupied by at least a few people. They probably think I'm stalking them because their flats are the only thing I have to watch while doing dishes so I stare endlessly out our kitchen window (that has no blinds). We are I am in the process of giving them names (which aren't politically correct, so I won't share them), figuring out their lives, and how they spend their time. I told you I wasn't stalking them. What can I say, dishes are boring!

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Miss Mommy said...

Loved those first 2, esp the 2nd.