14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mark and I don't go all out in our Valentine's Day celebrations, but we often do exchange cards and sometimes we get each other little gifts or I receive flowers.

This year I decided to make Mark a card (in red and black Georgia Bulldog colors, of course!) and use the 3 pounds or so I would have spent to buy him a small gift. (Which ended up being a used box set of 80's hits someone at the University was selling crazy cheap. Too bad a lot of them are British 80's hits so he probably won't recognize some of them. Never thought of that when I bought it! Nonetheless, his ipod will be grateful for some new tunes, I'm sure! Oh, and he got some Toblerone chocolate. I do usually try to buy him chocolate. He ate some for breakfast. That's my Mark!)

He got me a breath of spring in the form of 8 delightful yellow tulips. I've been loving them! Of course I've also been putting them to use as photography subjects. Here are few shots that I liked.

Mark also treated me to lunch out after church at the Handmade Burger Co. at Aberdeen's "new" mall, Union Square. I say "new" because it opened in Oct or Nov but we have just now gotten around to going after some other friends raved about the burgers at the above mentioned restaurant.  If you are in Aberdeen and are looking for a cheap place to eat for a date night, consider taking advantage of this 2 for 1 burger deal that (although the coupon still says until 12 Feb) is good until 28 Feb now. We were able to get two large burgers (one hamburger, one chicken) with an side order of "chips" and pay for 2 hours of parking for just over 10 pounds. Not too bad :) I just wish I got to taste these good burgers but unfortunately they aren't as 100% beef as they claim since they contaminate them with Worcestershire Sauce. I was just grateful I found that out prior to ordering and that they had uncontaminated chicken breast sandwiches as another option.

Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, I hope you have a splendid Valentine's Day and can take a moment to reflect on The Greatest Lover, God our Father and Christ His Son who demonstrated His love for us by dying on the cross. Oh, to love with that kind of love!


Miss Mommy said...

First, I love the 2nd pic of tulips- sooo pretty!

Second, thanks for the date night tip- we are going there this week now!

Anonymous said...

those pictures are gorgeous!