15 September 2009

Word of the Week

I love that even after 2 years here I am still learning more things about the culture and language. Thought I would share with you today's word of the week.  I was just reading the box of some chocolates we were given to us recently. On it there was the word "moreish." I've heard this word at work and gathered sort of what it meant, but never fully appreciated it until I looked it up on an on-line dictionary. It is an adjective used of food in British culture to describe when something tastes so good you just want more. And just so you can see the word in context, the box states, "...this delicious assortment of moreish chocolates captures Throntons quality and craftsmanship in an indulgent moment."

No wonder it was on a box of chocolate. I like this word.


Jeff Aernie said...

Having received the same box, the Aernies can attest to the accuracy of the definition.

thegranitecity.wordpress.com said...

They were definitely 'moreish'! What a good word. I need to start using it.

The Green Family said...

Me too! What a great word! :-)