02 September 2009

Photographer for a Day!

Yesterday I got a taste of what it might be like to be a photographer for a day. I kinda liked it :) Every year our university holds an Open Day, like a preview day other institutions hold. Not sure how many visitors actually came, but we were expecting somewhere near 5,000 and we might have exceeded that. So this is a huge event. When my co-woker who is in charge of the Open Day asked us all what we'd like to do to help, I threw out there "be the photographer," not really knowing if the marketing team I work with would go for it. But, they did! So after some of my usual secretarial duties were completed I pounded the pavement with my camera and bag. For two hours I stalked visitors and my colleagues (yah, they probably won't be big fans of that!) with my camera. I'm not sure that I got any super-fantastic shots worthy of being reproduced anywhere, but even if we don't use any of them, it was a wonderful experience and I'd like to think I learned a lot. Here's a shot I took yesterday just for me :) I found the bobbies also pounding the pavement with our huge promotional banner (that's beyond just banner, let's say billboard) in the background.

Since I had the camera in tow and it was a phenomenal fall day (yes, it is already beginning to feel/look like fall -- boo!), I thought I'd cross another thing off of my "to-do-before-leaving-Aberdeen" list. And that was take photos of the gi-normous hydrangea bushes. Here are two of my favorites I pass while walking to work.
Do you see how full these things are?!

And, then I saw these lovely orange flowers that I've been noticing everywhere lately. They seem like some type of lily but I'm unsure what they actually are. I loved this old rusted fence.

And why let the photography stop when I was home? Here is the progress on the building across the street. What a mess! At least it is quieter. I think they are putting in gas lines.
My experience as a photographer continued with lots of editing of photos. I was of course looking at the Open Day ones, as well as finishing (finally) Ian and Lauren's and Alec and Pip's that I just took on Saturday. It was a full, fun day of photography. Now back to the normal routine :)

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Mama Em said...

I love all the flowers. That fence is cool, too. :)